The Africa YES 2019 Demo Day

The Africa YES 2019 Demo Day is a special day that marks the culmination of the 2019 Cohort where entrepreneurs, mentors, facilitators, the broader Africa YES partners and the entrepreneurship community will come together to celebrate efforts made by the young social entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.

Over the past 10 weeks, we have been working with 20 social entrepreneurs tackling challenges in healthcare, agriculture, fashion, travel, youth wealth creation, education, mental well-being among other challenges.

Throughout this time, the entrepreneurs have gone through intensive hands-on sessions on leadership and entrepreneurship that have seen them validate the challenges they are solving, ideated and iterated on their solutions, build business models and working prototypes, created work plans and financial models while setting clear success metrics for their venture.

Now, the entrepreneurs are ready to share with the world their journey, successes and learnings, and seek support to enable them get to the next level.

During this day,

  • 20 social entrepreneurs will pitch their ventures to an audience of judges, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, industry experts, media, and the public.
  • The 2019 cohort will officially graduate from the program.
  • Attendees will get a first hand look at the social ventures, meet the founders, and network with other attendees, from the local and global ecosystem.
20 Social Entrepreneurs
$15000 in Funding
Co-working Space
Mentorship & Support


Come celebrate with us this special day as 20 young social entrepreneurs take to the stage to pitch their ventures in a room full of other entrepreneurs, mentors, facilitators, investors, industry experts, partners and the community at large.  You might just be what they need to go to the next level

Demo Day Agenda

 Join us for an exciting, interactive, and emotional demo day. The event will be happening on July 3rd, at 7th floor, Nairobi Garage (Pinetree Plaza) at the ALX space, 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm.

  • Arrival & Registration
  • Official Welcome
  • Africa YES Experience
  • Guest Talk
  • First 6 Pitches
  • Next 6 Pitches
  • Last 6 Pitches
  • Entertainment
  • Awarding Certificates
  • Announcing Top Ideas
  • Networking and Closing
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Join us as we celebrate the milestones achieved by the 20 social entrepreneurs and as we enable them get to the next level.

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